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Adventures & Accolades

April 2021

My passion for composing fun and engaging music is at the heart of my forthcoming publication, Adventures & Accolades, a collection of piano pieces for the budding virtuoso that I hope will offer its players enjoyment, inspiration and a challenge.

Coming out in April 2021

Reflections in Waltz

February 2020

Inspired by Chopin's beautiful collection of waltzes, Reflections in Waltz explores this wonderful genre and pays homage to the great Romantic composers whose music still captivates listeners and performers all over the world today.

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Musical Escapades

March 2019

My first published works for solo piano, Musical Escapades is a collection of animated piano pieces that I composed with one thing in mind – they should be fun to play! Features Mosey on Down from Trinity College London's Piano 2021-23 syllabus.

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All sheet music published by Editions Musica Ferrum

Cover design by Liga Kitchen

Recordings produced by James Welburn and engineered/mixed by Joe Jackson