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"James is a thoughtful, understanding mentor with excellent industry expertise and a mentoring style that's both flexible and provides a linear progression. I came to James without a clear plan for the future. However, by the time our sessions had come to a close, not only had I improved my CV, cover letters and interview skills, but I had a newfound focus and sense of direction."

(Luke, final year university undergraduate)

James is available as a mentor to those studying music or working in the music or music education sectors. Having worked for more than a decade in the world of music education, he has developed an in-depth knowledge of the sector in the UK, through his work with ABRSM, music hub leaders, schools and music organisations across the country. He has gained experience in a number of areas relating to music, including business development and sales, operational and financial planning and delivery, events management and music publishing.


James' works for solo piano are published by Editions Musica Ferrum and cover a range of styles and levels. He also teaches piano and has prepared students for ABRSM exams with a 100% pass rate.


Read on for details about mentorship and other services that James offers. Use the contact form below to get in touch for further details and to discuss your needs, goals and projects.

There are many different career paths for musicians to pursue and sometimes it can feel quite daunting for those just starting out. James is available as a mentor to those studying music or working in the music or music educator sectors.

What is a mentor?
A mentor can support you in a range of ways:


  • Sharing their own experiences and career path

  • Exploring career options with you

  • Setting meaningful and realistic goals together

  • Providing motivation and encouragement, as well as guidance and honest feedback on your work

  • Working through challenges together

  • Developing contacts in the industry

  • Identifying resources to support you in building your career

Get in touch with James using the form below to arrange a free, initial 30-minute consultation to discuss goals, time commitments and financial arrangements.

Other services include:

Project review

James will provide a written commentary of one project you are working on, which could be a video or audio performance, a composition or an assignment. Feedback will be constructive and objective, and James will refer back to the brief where provided.

Essay proofreading

Whether you are writing an essay for university, a personal statement or website copy, getting your spelling, grammar and flow right is vital in creating a professional image. James will proofread your work to the highest standard using track changes and comments to provide recommendations and clarifications for any amendments.

CV review

Getting your CV right is important, whether to accompany job applications, your website or your LinkedIn page. James will review your CV and work with you to ensure it is high quality, relevant and stands out from the crowd.

Job application checking

James will review your job application against the job description and person specification and will use track changes and comments to provide recommendations and clarifications for any amendments.

Interview coaching

James will work with you to develop your interview technique. Interview coaching includes a video call to discuss your previous experiences and to complete a mock interview, taking into account the job application, job description and person specification.

Get in touch

Drop James a line to find out more about these services and to arrange an free, initial 30-minute consultation to explore your bespoke mentoring programme.

Thanks for getting in touch!
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