Piano / Guitar / Ensemble

I write and arrange music across a range of genres, from solo piano works (classical and jazz) to instrumental guitar pieces. 

In February 2019, my first book and CD for solo piano, Musical Escapades, was published by Editions Musica Ferrum and received a fantastic review from Andrew Eales on his leading blog

“This book really does stand out from the crowd with its highly enjoyable mix of musical styles, all with catchy tunes and rhythms.”

“a composer to watch, and among this publisher’s rich and growing catalogue, Musical Escapades becomes one of their best publications yet.”

Read the full review here.

Click on the following links to buy the sheet music and recordings:

Musica Ferrum (sheet music)
Bandcamp (limited edition CDs.
Amazon Music (audio downloads)
iTunes (audio downloads)

Check out the music below, including the launch party, filmed on Facebook Live!